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Tstars Parties

Tstars Parties is an event management group. We work with some of London's most exclusive night clubs and bars to ensure that our members have the opportunity to experience the variety of nightlife that can only be found in the greatest city in the World.

Tstars Parties is dedicated to providing you with the utmost in Club Nightlife Concierge. From the moment you plan on going out to a nightclub, till the end of the night when you are ready to go back home, we are there to make it as enjoyable as possible. Having fun is your job, ours is to utilize our network of the most exclusive clubs, bars and private parties to enhance your night.

With a network of VIP hosts, Limo services, Party buses, Tstars Parties is your one stop shop for nightlife concierge. We can help take your next special event from notion to reality whether it is a night on the town, Bachelor/Bachelorette Party, Corporate Event, Fashion Show, Product Launch, Anniversary, Birthday, or Other Special Event. We offer a bespoke service that works in partnership with some of London's leading hospitality suppliers to guarantee your event is a spectacular success.

Stop searching for the hottest nightclub in town; we have done the research for you. Whether you are looking for good music, a nice lounge, a celebrity citing, good dancing, or simply the newest club, Tstars Parties has all the up to date for you.

Thank you once more for making Tstars Parties your number one choice in nightlife concierge.

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This Week Line up


Drama Park Lane - 35 Hertford Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 7SD


Tonteria - 7-12 Sloane Square, Chelsea, London, SW1W 8EG


Dstrkt London - 9 Rupert Street, London, W1D 6DG
Project - 78 Wells Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 3QL


Cuckoo Club - Swallow Street, Mayfair, London, W1B 4EZ
Cirque Le Soir - 15-21 Ganton Street, London, W1F 9BN


Maddox - 3-5 Mill Street, Mayfair, London, W1S 2AU


ToyRoom London - 8-9 Argyll St, London, W1F 7TF


ToyRoom London - 8-9 Argyll St, London, W1F 7TF